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Recap and photo gallery of Cape Ann Field Trip | March 5th

"I really enjoyed this distraction from the “other" world…
Fun & fascinating. Learned a lot. Thank you Peter!!!" - Lysa Leland

Boston skyline from Gloucester Harbor by Chuck Carney

A dozen of us gathered at the Fisherman’s statue on Gloucester Harbor on a fairly warm and sunny day. Nearby waters hosted hundreds of pied Common Eiders and Red-breasted Mergansers. At the Jodrey state fish pier, we noted female Long-tailed Ducks and 8 Greater Scaup down from the Arctic.

We marveled at the seaside estates on our way to the Audubon parking lot by the lighthouse and breakwater on Eastern Point. Here we spotted scarce Gadwall ducks, sparling little Buffleheads and Common Goldeneyes.

Along Atlantic Road, there was a large sea rock covered with dozens of breeding plumage Great Cormorants with contrasting white throat and flank patches unlike our common summertime Double-crested Cormorants. White-winged Scoters (a large black sea duck) peppered the calm waters.

Halibut Point State Reservation in Rockport had icy trails down to the rocky sea cliffs. We all made it and were rewarded with long close looks at dozens of rare and local Harlequin Ducks. The males are purple with chestnut sides and many large clownish white spots. With them were many Long-tailed Ducks (formerly known as Old-squaws). A highlight was a close view of a huge Raven that was “croaking” at us from a bare tree.

Thanks to those who joined us on a most pleasant outing. - Peter Alden

Chuck Carney, Halibut Point, by Lysa Leland

Photo Gallery by Chuck Carney

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