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Birding Stories


Do you have a Spark Bird? 
Share your story!

Do you recall a time when you were first fully entranced by the outdoors? Was there a defining moment that transformed you into a passionate observer nature? This memory was a spark moment.


For birders, the concept of a spark moment is especially true. A “Spark Bird” is the bird that helped spark your interest in birding. It help open your mind to the fascination of birds and nature. It can appear at any time and can be any type of bird, be it a hummingbird, a hawk or a sparrow, but it formed a lasting impression. It usually comes with a nostalgic story. 

Spark Bird Stories

Chestnut-headed bee-eaters

Bufflehead Identification

Bald Eagle

All of a sudden I saw this incredible dark form come over my head

Lillian Stokes

Bufflehead Identification

Snowy Owl

I could hardly believe my eyes - a Snowy Owl was staring back at me!

Laura Markley

Bufflehead Identification

Purple Finch

One day my father suddenly pointed out a spectacular raspberry-colored bird and announced excitedly that it was a Purple Finch.

Susan Clark

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