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Webinars & Lectures

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The Birds of Thoreau and the Birds of Today

Presenting Writings from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau
Peter Alden shares excerpts from a new book A Year of Birds that chronicles journal entries from renowned naturalist Henry David Thoreau. From his beloved Concord home, Thoreau wrote detailed journal entries depicting the various species of birds and their behaviors. This talk will present excerpts and illustrate how bird populations have changed from Thoreau's time to today.

Bird Name Changes
Creating New Names for North American Birds by Peter Alden

The decision by the American Ornithological Society (AOS) to eliminate modifiers named after people of over 100 North American bird species (i.e. Wilson’s Warbler) will have enormous repercussions in the publishing world.  The illustrated talk will present the need for this change and focus on several dozen affected New England species. It will include a few other common bird names that may need to be improved (i.e. Red-bellied Woodpecker). The pros and cons for each new name candidate will be discussed and voted on by the audience.

Spring Migration: Early Inland Arrivals

with Peter Alden
The arrival of our migrating friends from the south brightens up our Spring season. Hear author Peter Alden share some of his favorite inland migrants here in April through pictures and sounds. You’ll get some tips and get entertained by a few of his stories. 

Birds and the Spread of Invasive Plant Species

As winter approaches, berries and the seeds of invasive plants are an essential food source for birds. Author and naturalist Peter Alden, co-founder of the Bio Blitz, will present the mixed feelings environmentalists have to this phenomenon. We want to support declining bird populations but how to keep the new plants from taking over other native species? Peter will share stories and photos and welcomes questions.

Perspectives on Changing Wildlife Populations in New England

The mammal and birdlife in New England have changed dramatically in recent years. From pre-colonial times, through the age of Henry David Thoreau, to the present day, learn about species that have disappeared and new ones that have arrived. Join noted author Peter Alden as he recounts the story of climate change's impact using New England's data on recorded species.

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