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New Course: Spring Migration in New England

Learn the Spring migrant birds and take on a Bird Identification Challenge Immerse yourself in the quest to learn and identify the birds that return to New England each spring. Sharpen your bird ID skills by learning about 110 bird species arriving in early spring through late May. See how many you can check off your list.

Red-winged Blackbirds migrating

Course Overview

This 10-chapter course provides a comprehensive view of the most likely bird species migrating back to our region in our Spring season. Broken down by region and arrival period, early or late, learn the facts to identify species or refresh your current knowledge.

  • Build ID skills through video, sounds, and facts on 110 species

  • Gain insight on where and how to spot birds with expert tips

  • Learn about migration and how climate change is impacting birds

  • Take the ultimate challenge – how many could you identify this season?

To learn more or sign up, visit Winter Birds of Inland New England.


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