Common Loon

Sally Sunderland

bigstock-The bright yellow of this yello

My Spark Bird story:

I experienced my spark bird roughly 10 years ago in northern New Hampshire. We were at my in-laws’ cottage on a little lake for a summer visit, and I heard an eerie wail, echoing across the water. “What is that!?” I asked. I’d never heard such a thing, growing up in Ohio.

“Oh yeah, that’s a loon,” they replied casually. The next day I saw it—this gorgeous bird with a jet-black head and red eye. During that whole summer, I loved watching the loon dive deep into the lake for fish, sometimes staying under the water for a minute or more at a time. Now that I have kids, I love sharing my love of loons with them as well. We like to watch it dive down and see who can find it first when it pops up.