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American Robin

Ellen Emerson

bigstock-The bright yellow of this yello

My Spark Bird story:

The bird was a robin in Concord, seen through the eyes of my poet brother, Alec. His words brought the robin to our house one night in the fifties, and I've loved robins ever since. Living again in Concord during the pandemic, with old school- mate Peter Alden nearby, ignited my current interest in all birds. My story includes his poem.

Hi there, little robin,
you look a bit surprised!
Did that blustery little wintry flurry
get snowflakes in your eyes?

Harken, little robin,
and see the snow is melting.
The sun is soft and warm
and skies are mellow.

Hey there, little robin,
did you get enough to eat?
You've got a little peanut butter
on the bottom of your feet!

Bye now, little robin,
It's been a two-way treat.

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